Climbing around the Kerameikos

I did a little research on Trip Advisor to find a historic sight suitable for an energetic first-grader. Kerameikos fit the bill. It’s the site of the ancient Athenian cemetery, and the grounds are completely open to run around and climb on. There were beautiful views of the Acropolis and surrounding areas, a lovely orthodox church, lots of ornate headstones and interesting nooks and crannies to explore.


Violet even got in on some of the action, touching some ancient columns with those grubby little baby fingers.


We had to cross this old stone “bridge” to get a good view from the top of a hill. Typical Liam said, “Are you sure this is safe?” We had to assure him that it had stood there for almost 3000 years. It wasn’t going anywhere.


This kid still doesn’t like riding in elevators or going down on escalators, fearing heights apparently. But he had no trouble scaling the hill and taking a photo. Check out the Acropolis in the background.


Inside the museum were many headstones, sculptures and pottery dating back to 900 B.C. Astounding how old some of this stuff is. I pointed out a children’s toy to Liam. See, even kids in ancient times needed something to play with! This bull statue was the most impressive, which came from the tomb of Dionysios.


It was a little strange to be ambling around this old cemetery — are there still bodies under these tombstones?


20160227_125748559_iOSOn our way back we stopped in at Black & Burger next to the Technopolis (Athens Technical School). Yummy and cheap, my two favorite things! Too bad there’s not one of these by our house. Plenty of other burger joints, though — I’m telling ya, the second most popular food here is hamburgers.

On the train ride back Violet was a regular city kid, holding the handrail just like daddy. We’re going to have ourselves a couple of regular city kids before our time here is over. Thankfully, at least Liam seems to have embraced all of the hustle and bustle.

5 thoughts on “Climbing around the Kerameikos

  1. Rosie Bartels


    Absolutely love your postings. I feel like I have been to Greece.

    BTW: Your dad works with me at Rosie B’s Tax Service.



    1. mandysmusings

      Hi Rosie! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I love getting comments, so feel free to contribute anytime! My mom is the only one who does lol.


  2. I just stumbled across your blog, so I don’t know what you’ve been up to already in exploring Athens, but the agora is beautiful in spring time (below the Acropolis) and the Pnyx hill also. If your child needs tiring out walking up Likavittos Hill could be good! lovely views from the top. Enjoy your time in Greece.

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