Cutting the Grass (Part Two)

Back to the hardware store I went in search of an extension cord. After a lively back and forth about how many meters 50 feet might be, and how exactly I’d be using this thing (Note that “back yard” means nothing here. It is a garden. A back garden.) I finally came away with a pretty nice cord on a rolling spool that cost almost as much as the weed whacker. Whatever. It’ll work.

So, mowing a medium-sized garden with a weed whacker is about as much fun as it sounds. Sort of like cutting grass with a Flowbee. After having a go at the thick bunch of weeds along the perimeter, I decided that I should replace the head with the “extra strong” cord included with the machine. Except you need man hands to get the thing off. This is why I hate yard work. I had to make do with the smaller, presumably weaker cord. It got the job done…in about 45 tedious, arm-wrenching minutes. Hey, but I got my exercise for the day!

One thing I neglected to consider was the shoe situation. Back when I last mowed a lawn (the 90s, maybe? We’ve hired a lawn guy since Liam came to be, James begrudgingly mowed before that, and my big, strong boy roommates took care of the lawn before that.), I had some beat up old sneakers that could get muddy and grass stained. But when packing for this move, I didn’t think to bring my old sneakers. We were trying to economize. So next time the lawn needs a shorn, I’m going to have to get a cheap pair of sneakers. And I’ll have to get James to affix the “extra strong” cord. I bet that will help at least a little.

It’s after noon, the lawn looks…passable…so I think I’ve earned this.


I bought this on my way back from buying the extension cord this morning, heard it was tasty. The guy at the shop asked me if I wanted him to open it…at 10 in the morning. And I was wearing a baby. Is this how the Greeks roll?


2 thoughts on “Cutting the Grass (Part Two)

  1. Julie Weddle

    How often will you have to “mow” the lawn? Seems like that might take a longer time than actually mowing. Still, it could be worse. You could have a huge lawn. How are the bugs here? Any bugs in the grass? Or critters like the geikos in Florida?


    1. mandysmusings

      Funny you should mention bugs. We went to the park Sunday and sat in the grass, and I started to notice all these bug bites on my neck that night. But now I’m getting more — so I’m washing my pillows in hot water. Afraid they picked up something creepy crawly in transit *shudder*


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