Exploring other neighborhoods and cutting the lawn (part one)

Today Violet and I took a taxi to another embassy family’s house. We’ve been getting incredulous looks from fellow embassy folks when we tell them we’ve been riding the bus. (The bus? What are you, savages?!) When actually the embassy will happily arrange a taxi for you, just call the main receptionist. Well, I’ll be damned.

Course, I should have known it wouldn’t be the wonderful answer to all of our transportation prayers. Getting a car seat installed in a cab sucks balls, for starters. Then she cried the whole way there. Yep, she still hates riding in cars. On the way back I faced her forward because it was almost impossible to get her rear-facing correctly. Stop, go, up the hill, down the hill, around the curve…I thought I was gonna heave, and the window in the cab wouldn’t roll down. The driver offered to turn the AC on, which helped a little. And just as I thought I was gonna hurl, Violet did. Great. I think we may have solved the mystery of why she hates riding in the car so much. She gets sick like her mama!

Until I get my car, I think I’m going to stick to mass transit as much as I can. Though I’ve been told many moms forego the car seat in the cab and just seatbelt themselves with the baby in the baby carrier. I suppose that would solve the whole crying in her seat problem, though she may just throw up all over me instead.

At any rate, I did get to see a new neighborhood called Papagou, a suburb just to the south and east of Halandri. It’s right on the edge of the mountain, and the streets are much wider and quieter than my neighborhood. Our walk to the leiki and some neighborhood shops was quite nice, actually, without all of the traffic. The down side of living in that area is the mass transit is pretty much non-existent. They have to take cabs everywhere. And you had to walk a little ways before you hit the shopping district. But their street was peaceful and quiet, there was a lovely, huge park nearby, and they had a nice little backyard oasis. I’m looking forward to bringing Liam over to meet their school-aged son sometime.

After I got Violet all cleaned up and down for her nap, I decided to tackle our little backyard oasis.


It’s not that big and pretty patchy, so I figured a weed whacker might do the trick. I carefully read through the directions, which were thankfully printed in English and about 30 other languages. Deutch came first — I get the feeling Germany produces most of the appliances and electronics in Europe. I got the thing assembled and ready to go, but then I noticed this one very important detail.


Note the safety goggles. They weren’t included, either.

I yanked and pulled on the thing to no avail. From what I can surmise from these hilarious instructional drawings, an extension cord is necessary, but not included. So I guess I’m headed back to the hardware store to pantomime a 50′ extension cord. Look for cutting the lawn part two soon!

One thought on “Exploring other neighborhoods and cutting the lawn (part one)

  1. Julie Weddle

    Oh dear, we just got Violet a bit more used to the car and now after all this time, she is hating the car again. Was the driver particularly jerky? It figures Vi would have gotten sick, or she could be just like you!
    I guess you have never use d a weed whacked before. You do need an extension chord. The goggles aren’t necessary, but do be careful not to hit anything that might go flying, especially near your eyes!


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