The Help

We have a housekeeper. And it is a blessing…why did I not do this ages ago? Actually, I’ll tell you why. I’m one of those cuckoo people who actually likes to clean her house. My mom cleaned houses for a living for years, and it still kind of weirds me out to hire someone to do it for me. But with Violet needing most of my attention and this townhouse that is nothing but glistening tile and hardwood floors, I decided it was high time I hire a maid.

It’s going to take a little adjusting. She saw me doing dishes and said, “Wait, I can take care of that.” But when Violet is napping I have trouble sitting idle. I let her handle the lunch dishes. My mom said she usually preferred when her clients weren’t home when she cleaned, so I was especially sensitive to being underfoot, even though our new housekeeper was polite about it. She cleaned way better than I usually do, getting behind the furniture to vacuum and mop, washing all the windows, and scrubbing the commodes until they gleamed. Wow. She is worth every penny.

She even stayed an extra half hour to watch Vi so I could run an errand. This time she and the baby had a chance to bond — she came yesterday to baby-sit, and Violet was asleep for two hours. Then poor Violet cried until I came home…stranger danger! But this time I didn’t stay away long, and she didn’t cry at all.

Now that we have a housekeeper and part-time babysitter, I’m wondering if we should hire a gardener, too. I know…we’re going to be THOSE people. Though I don’t think it’s all that uncommon here. But it kind of irks me to hire someone to take care of our 30′ patch of lawn, so I bought a weed whacker at the hardware store down the street (with a lot of hilarious mimery until he understood what I was asking for) and I’m going to attempt some garden maintenance tomorrow. We’ve had a lawn guy since Liam was born, so it’s been awhile since I took care of the grass. But now that my sole means of exercise is getting done by the maid, I need something to work the flab. Let’s just hope don’t cut off a toe.

2 thoughts on “The Help

  1. Julie Weddle

    So, I don’t understand something. You said that they didn’t want you to leave the housekeeper alone at the house cause you can’t give her a key? So how does she babysit? The whole point is for you to go out while she watches the kids. And it looks like you did go out? I am confused. Boy, though , you are coming up in the world. A housekeeper, babysitter and a gardener, maybe. You know I used to laugh at those people who hired me to clean their houses , but then spent all their time at the gym. Still, I guess not everyone likes to clean and would rather go to the gym. And if you have the money…. I never did! I wonder if someday we won’t be able to relate to each other as well, cause you will be in another class than I am, or was! At least you didn’t grow up rich and entitled!


    1. mandysmusings

      I just have to be here to let her in and lock up after she leaves. So I could go out if I wanted to, but I wouldn’t go far so I could get back in time. I think once I have a car I’ll have a little more freedom to come and go. Though, our neighborhood has a lot to offer on foot — so many stores selling so many things!

      And, really, the only reason we can afford all of this help is because we’re living rent-free. Once we get back to the States I’m going to have to get used to cleaning my own house again. But my kids will be older, so it’ll be a lot easier!


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