Ancient Agora

Liam has been begging to see more of ancient Greece, so Saturday we took the kids to see the Agora, which is the ancient marketplace in the heart of Athens. It sits at the foot of the Acropolis, and the main temple was what Liam called a bank when we spied it from the Parthenon.

First, I have to note how much I love that even the Metro stations have archeological artifacts in them. The one for the Agora had an ancient sewer system with a glass walkway you could look down from. In other stations near the city center they have pottery and other artifacts in glass cases. And one station showed a cross section of soil with labels for the different eras represented. It really gives you a sense of how old this city is. We told Liam that the Americas have almost nothing that old that we can see. That blew his little mind.


The ancient Roman area of the Agora was closed, but we still got some photos of the Tower of the Winds, which had reliefs of deities representing the different directions. Liam was bummed that we couldn’t walk around in it. No telling why or how long it will be closed — the sign wasn’t very specific. I’m coming to understand that’s a “thing” here.


Thankfully, the ancient Greek part of the Agora was open, and Liam had a great time running around…or running us ragged, as the case may be. We climbed up to the Temple of Hephaistos so Liam could get a close up view of “the bank.” The views of the mountains and the Acropolis were beautiful. My iPhone camera hardly does them justice. My Nikon is somewhere on the Atlantic still. Boo!

Liam had little patience for the museum, what he termed the “boring old stuff.” Or more like, “boooooring old stuff.” I tend to agree — you’ve seen one pottery shard, you’ve seen them all. But one thing Athens seems to have a lot of is ancient ruins you can climb around on. THAT is fun for a seven year old. Maybe not quite as fun for a 37-year-old carrying a 15-pound baby. Poor Daddy the pack mule.


Liam had a ton of questions about the ancient Greeks. I love that he’s at an age to really appreciate history, even though he doesn’t care for going through the museum. The weather here is much milder than in Kansas — it’s been in the 60s and 70s all week — so I expect we’ll enjoy more of these excursions soon. All of our travel books are shipping by boat (one of our numerous oversights), but I’m sure we can manage with a little online research. I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface. We’ve been so busy getting the house in order and figuring out our neighborhood, we haven’t had much time for sight-seeing. But now that we’re getting more settled, check back for more photos and excursions. Also, you can see more photos from our Agora trip on our Facebook page photo album


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