A Little Taste of Home

Time to buy a TV! Those who know us well know that every time we move somewhere we feel compelled to buy a new TV. Well, to be specific, James feels compelled to buy one. I’m just along for the ride. So, off to the Greek Best Buy we went! Actually, it was a store called Kotsovolos, and they sell all sorts of odds and ends in addition to electronics. Like pots and pans. Funny little store.

Anyway, along the way we came across a Starbucks. Finally, I could get the chai latte I’ve been craving! I don’t think it’s ever tasted so good.

James was eying the deluxe Ultra HDTV, but I quickly squashed that idea. We settled on a 40″ LG which we’ll eventually put in our bedroom. We do have a couple of TVs from home coming in the boat shipment, but they need these bulky converters, and there’s really no place for them in the bedroom. (Ha, as if James needs an excuse to buy a new TV!) On the plus side, we should be able to use this TV in the States when we get back if we just get a new power cable.

Purchasing electronics was a bit more of an ordeal than I anticipated. It would help if I would remember to write down my new phone number and address. We’re also exempt from the ridiculous sales tax (20%, egad!), but we have to go through a whole rigmarole to do it. One of the employees had to translate for the cashier. But after 20 minutes at the counter we finally had our TV! They deliver it tomorrow. Sweet.

Still craving a little taste of home, we decided to walk to the neighborhood McDonalds for dinner. Liam was thrilled. I was thrilled that there wasn’t a playland (AKA tunnels of germ-ridden filth). In fact, it was one of the loveliest McDonalds I’d ever seen, with modern décor inside and a breezy outdoor seating area. I didn’t notice a whole lot of Greek items on the menu like I’ve seen in some other foreign countries, but I did see a chicken wrap that was always my favorite until they discontinued it recently in the States.

On the way home we stopped at an intriguing dessert shop called Max Perry Handmade Chocolates. After some perusing, Liam settled on a cake pop and I chose a chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream cone. Two words: chocolate nirvana. There were cases and cases filled with just about every kind of chocolate concoction you can think of. You better believe we’ll be hitting this place again. And again.

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