Ladies who lunch

Yesterday Violet and I set out for our first lunch in the city, a Valentine’s Brunch sponsored by the PTO at Liam’s new school. I’ve gotten pretty adept at riding the bus around my neighborhood, but this was my first time navigating my way downtown via bus and Metro. All those years living in New York and DC, not to mention vacations in Paris, London, and Prague, prepared me for my new big city life. Still, it was a little intimidating without James there to help, but thankfully almost all of the signs were in both Greek and English letters, and the announcements on the subway were spoken in both languages, too. The other challenge I faced was actually finding the restaurant. My smart “phone” is still being held hostage by AT&T, so I had to find a creative workaround — bring up a map of the area on my computer at home, then take a photo with my phone and save it. I had a little trouble finding it on the map — all of my map apps don’t seem to like the format of these Greek addresses. But I finally figured it out. And it worked like a charm! I feel like I’m hyper-aware of my surroundings because I can’t make heads or tails of the street signs, so I paid close attention to where I was going, and I was easily able to make the return trip without consulting the map. What I really had to watch for were the motorcyclists. They have a nasty habit of circumventing traffic via the sidewalks. Yikes!

Feed me, Seymore!

I met a couple of moms on the way up to the restaurant, called The New IT Place, and we had a lovely table set aside on the top floor. I have a feeling my stroller is going to be completely useless on outings in the city. Violet was the belle of the ball, and she happily munched on croissants while I got to know the other parents. A few had kids in first or second grade, and I came away with a couple of email addresses and phone numbers. Hopefully I can score some play dates for Liam. He is getting increasingly whiny and bored without his toys here.

Speaking of toys, our first shipment is set to arrive next Tuesday, huzzah! It’s been almost a month since they packed up all our things, and I’m really starting to feel it. Three weeks is about as long as I’ve ever been away from home since I’ve become a mom, so our stay here is starting to feeling less like a long vacation and more like a permanent move. I’m really antsy for our stuff to arrive. This shipment is the smaller one, containing most of Violet’s toys, a few of Liam’s toys (probably not nearly enough), and a few odds and ends like towels, blankets, and my bathrobe. Oh, my bathrobe! How I miss you!! Our limit was 700 pounds, so I’m sure there’s a lot I’m forgetting we packed in there. It’ll be like Christmas in February! We still have a long wait for the rest of our things, including the kids’ beds, the rest of Liam’s toys, and the car, which probably won’t be here until late March. Or later. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Ladies who lunch

  1. Julie Weddle

    Love that little girl! And Liam, too, of course. Did you see Evie’s valentines that she made especially for every kid in her class! Incredible! Liam has a lot to live up to. Love him to death, too, though.


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