Well Wednesdays

Sounds like a happy hour special, doesn’t it? It’s actually my alliterative way of remembering to check this ghastly well in the basement every week.


I was told under no uncertain terms that it was ESSENTIAL that I check the water level in this well on a regular basis, and if it looks like it’s rising, call the Embassy, STAT! Apparently water and smart house do no mix. Which begs the question: why do I have to actually physically check this well? This house has motion-sensor lights and automatically heated floors, why couldn’t they have put a sensor in the well?

This is one of many juxtapositions of old and new I’ve noticed since we got here. Just looking in our backyard, I see a mix of brand new apartments and old cinder block and brick hovels. I think it’s less of a Greek thing and more of an old big city thing. I found Rome and New York City to be similar. It’s fascinating, and sometimes frustrating. Like the whole toilet paper situation. Apparently the ancient plumbing here just can’t take any sort of paper products in the drains. The pipes in this house are brand, spankin’ new, but when our…erm…refuse hits the main city line, it turns to…well…shit. So we’ve gotten in the habit of disposing of TP in little trashcans with lids next to the toilets. Annoying.

One thought on “Well Wednesdays

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