Time for some trash talk

When we moved to Brooklyn, one of my very first purchases was our little red cart, aka “the hobo cart.” When you’re living carless in the city, something to cart all your groceries home in or all of your laundry to the laundromat in is essential. We still own the hobo cart, but sadly it is still on its long-ass journey over the Atlantic. But no worries, this thing is way more my style anyway:

Time for a hobo cart upgrade. Love it!

I found this in a great little store near the square in Halandri. The shop had all sorts of odds and ends, including much-needed cleaning supplies, and on impulse, I threw this in:


A clock with 12 numbers! Now I don’t have to do math to find out what time it is. Yippee! Into the new hobo cart it went.

20160208_075130540_iOS 1Now, what I really had been hunting for was a new trash can. The Embassy provided us this paltry little bin, and upon further investigation, we concluded that this is a standard sized trash can for this country. We asked around and found out you need to get a “garden trashcan” — what the Greeks would put outside to collect grass clippings and hedge trimmings. I spied one at a funny little hardware store last week, and I’d been trying fruitlessly to get it, first arriving too early when we passed it on the way to get donuts Saturday, then too late when we decided to run more errands after 4 o’clock that afternoon. No stores are open on Sunday (They seriously laugh at you when you ask), so I couldn’t get it until today. And I carried this bulky, deceptively heavy item, along with the new hobo cart, all the way back home. Sweating all the way, with Violet in the kangaroo coat and my diaper bag back pack. A long. Haul.


Ah, yes! The one on the left is much better! Ummm…or not. Well, that figures. At least it has a foot pedal, which I vastly prefer to the nasty swinging lid kind. And now we have a bigger can for recycling. It’s all good. Really, trash collection in Athens is a breeze, much better than Brooklyn. There are dumpsters for trash and recycling on every other block, and you can just throw it in there when your trash at home gets full. Now instead of doing that every OTHER day, we’ll be doing it every THIRD day. See? Vast improvement.

2 thoughts on “Time for some trash talk

    1. mandysmusings

      I wish I’d thought to pack our trash can. This one I bought is terrible, only slightly better than the one provided. There’s a store here called Leroy Merlin that is like Home Depot. Once our car arrives, we should be able to get a new one. They’re saying our air shipment should be here in the next week maybe. James is still checking in it today. And our boat shipment is sometime in March. They can’t say for sure because it’s still floating on the ocean 🙂


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