Yoga Studio Found!

God bless the internet. Without it, I’d never have been able to navigate the maze of my new neighborhood to find this gem.


20160202_065402386_iOSIt’s randomly in what looks like a residential neighborhood. I only knew it from the sign on a fence right along the sidewalk. I went inside the gate, walked up a staircase, and there it was, a sign next to a door with a bell! No answer, but it was only 9 AM. Perhaps we’ll check back in later today. The schedule online looks out of date, so I’m hoping I can find someone who speaks English or pick up a flyer that I can translate with my handy dandy translating app.

The walk along the way proved a bit challenging, but in an amusing way. My mom thinks I’m being melodramatic about the sidewalks because I’m used to Johnson County’s perfectly paved paradise. But here you can see how the trees grow out of the middle, sometimes creating rubble I have to actually climb over:


Or sometimes the sidewalk has gone back to nature:


Sometimes they include a little cardio for your walking pleasure:


And often times you have no choice but to just walk in the street:


20160202_070858301_iOSNeedless to say, Violet is going to be riding in the Bjorn for most of our neighborhood strolls, at least in this area. I also came across some other interesting finds. Like about a dozen stray cats. And a random neighborhood palm tree. I see these all over the place down here. I love me some palm trees!

Is that a..? Phone booth? I didn’t know these even existed anymore. No dial tone when I picked up the receiver, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s nonfunctional. I’m still a little sketchy on the phone situation. This reminds me of my trip to Italy back in college! I remember having to find a pay phone (easy in those days), dial about 50 numbers, then tell my parents over a spotty connection that I made it there alive. I spent a month traipsing around Tuscuny writing in a journal and sketching for my art class, not once calling or emailing anyone back home. Internet cafes were available, but you had to sit in a smoke-filled coffee shop at an actual terminal to use them. Smoking wouldn’t have bothered me back then, but the expense did. Times sure have changed!


And, I found a…Meatropolis! I take it from the signage that this is a butcher shop. Closer to my house than the supermarket, and I’m hoping better cuts of meat. No more excuses…I must figure out how to use the oven now.

3 thoughts on “Yoga Studio Found!

  1. Julie Weddle

    You did very well on your adventures, I see! And about the sidewalks, I know some of ours in our neighborhood are a bit sketchy and even in older neighbor’s orthodox in the city, but I have to admit, in Greece they are pretty bad. Still, that is an old town! How are you doing with finding people who speak English? Or if not, is your app helping?


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