Turns out I’ve been exploring in all the wrong places. Halandri isn’t narrow, winding, one-way streets with crumbling sidewalks and random businesses stuck willy-nilly amongst run-down homes. Walk the other direction and behold…

Numerous sidewalk cafes…

A beautiful church…with a wide vista (and palm trees, of course).

Another block to the north and I discovered a huge shopping district. Pedestrian-only. Shops as far as the eye can see, with women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. I even counted two shops that sold nothing but pajamas. There were candy shops, snack shops, restaurants, toy stores, gear stores. There were high fashion chichi shops and more affordable boutiques. I rounded a corner, and my jaw dropped. An H&M!!

It’s like I died and went to SoHo.

James and I are supposed to attend a dinner at the Deputy Director of something or other’s house next week, and my wardrobe is basically whatever I could stuff into a big suitcase. One pair of shoes (sneakers), a few pairs of pants, and a bunch of over-washed nursing tops. Needless to say, I’m going to have to do some shopping this weekend. Squee!! I can hardly wait!!


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