A Sunday at the Park

As promised, Sunday I took Liam to the playground down the street. It was full of kids and parents, and Liam jumped right in and played along. Understandably he wanted me to stay close, but I got a chance to scope out the scene and I noticed two interesting things:

  1. All the babies had strollers. I don’t know how these mothers managed to push these strollers on the sidewalk, but they must somehow. Perhaps it’s just our street — I noticed the sidewalks open up a bit more as you get into the central part of Halandri.
  2. I counted three nursing mothers, and none of them were covering up. It was chilly, so mothers and babies were bundled, but no one was sporting the handy dandy nursing apron that I usually wear when nursing in public. So at least in this setting I’d be fine nursing Violet out in the open. I probably won’t test it until the weather gets a little warmer. I’ll be interested to see what the protocol is outside of our family-friendly district. I read that they Greeks are pretty modest about that sort of thing. But times they are a changin’!

The place was also completely covered in graffiti, almost laughably so. Nothing vulgar (at least no phalluses that I could see, lol), but colorful! Liam wanted to stop by the food cart and get some snacks. I could see this turning into a thing we do on Sundays, maybe instead of donuts. Can’t seem to get away from that junk food!

It’s amazing me to how adaptably children are. We thought Liam would have a hard time adjusting to this big move, but he just seems to take everything in without complaint or incredulity. Alright, who am I kidding? There is some complaining. But he’s hardly asked to watch TV, he’s willing to try more new foods than before, and he can walk further here than he ever did in Kansas. We wait for the bus in the mornings and he happily invents games to play. We walk all around the neighborhood and he just looks around and asks questions. I feel like we’re on the cusp of a very pivotal moment for him, that this experience is helping shape him into a more patient, inquisitive and worldly child already. He’s excited about seeing Venice this summer, and he keeps asking when we can go back to see more “Ancient Greece.” I’ll be curious to see how Violet’s little personality will be affected by growing up in a foreign country.

Ready for books. James will fill this is in a hot minute.

We also spent a portion of the day cleaning and rearranging the furniture. The embassy provided us with a zippy little canister vac that puts our Dyson’s suction power to shame. Those Germans really know how to make appliances! We moved Violet to a crib for the first time, also provided by the embassy. The mattress had a higher setting than our own crib, which was much easier for me to lay her down in. We sat her down to try it out, and just as I’d gotten finished telling James that we’d have to lower it once she starts pulling herself up, she pulled herself right up! Sheesh. So we had to take out the tools and monkey with it some more. Now it’s safe…and she hates it. But I’m sure she’ll get used to it.


For dinner we decided to order from a highly-rated Indian place nearby called Pink Elephant. We even ordered some Chicken Pakora, the plainest thing we could find on the menu. It wasn’t spicy, but it definitely had some unfamiliar flavors. And he really liked it! The chicken tikka masala was absolutely amazing — I gave Violet a few bites, and she didn’t seem bothered by the spice at all. Perhaps she’ll be my adventurous eater after all!




3 thoughts on “A Sunday at the Park

  1. Julie Weddle

    It makes you wonder when Liam is so stubborn about having things his usual way, like watching T.V. Or eating familiar food, doesn’t it? He really IS capable of changing and liking new things. Maybe you shouldn’t be giving in to his antics so much, when he gets stubborn.
    As to Violet, she won’t remember anything different than Greece!


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