A Chilly Day at the Acropolis

Today we spent an afternoon at the Acropolis…a very chilly, windy one. Even the kangaroo coat couldn’t cut the cold for my little babycicle. Liam did a fantastic job climbing up the hill without much complaint. The views were spectacular! Liam and James climbed all over the ancient amphitheater. Around the top of one hill we could see all the way to the ocean. I ended up having to pass Violet to James at the steepest part of the climb…the extra 15 pounds in front was killing me. But we quickly bundled her back up in the coat once we’d taken in the view and snapped a few photos.

Back down at the bottom we fruitlessly searched for a warm place to eat. We settled on a gyro place that had a few little tables and chairs inside, but the doors were wide open, so we had to keep our coats on. Liam was Not Happy that his gyro meat was touching the fries — the cold and hunger were getting the better of him. But after a few reluctant bites, he deemed it edible. Violet got to try tiziki sauce and pita, which of course she loved. Back on the warm Metro, the kids perked up for the return trip to our hotel. The Metro here is very nice, much like the DC one, but with accordion-playing, panhandling gypsies.

3 thoughts on “A Chilly Day at the Acropolis

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