On the eve of our departure

You know that feeling you get as you’re cresting the hill of a very tall roller coaster? Your insides are all jittery and you’re halfway between jubilation and abject terror. Too late you realize there’s no turning back, and you’re asking yourself why, oh why, did I decide to do this?! Yeah. That’s me right now. Tomorrow our flight leaves, a one-way ticket to Athens, Greece, where my family and I will spend the next three to four years living abroad. Do we speak any Greek? No, not really. Have we ever even been to Greece? Um…no.

So, yeah, abject terror sounds about right.

But I have to remind myself as I crest this hill that I freakin’ love roller coasters. I love the thrill of a new adventure, a new place to call home for awhile. I love exploring my new surroundings, making new friends, finding new favorite restaurants. And while it’s sad to say goodbye to my friends in the U.S., I couldn’t have picked a better time to move abroad. Back in the mid-aughts when my husband travelled to refugee camps around the world for months at a time, we could barely communicate while he was away. I called the period of time between his departure and his first phone call the “dark side of the moon” because it usually took him a few days to locate a sim card and get decent reception. If I wanted to call him I had to buy an international calling card, punch in 20 or more numbers, listen to a spotty conversation, then usually get disconnected and have to start all over. Things improved when we tried Skype, a new service at the time that only allowed voice calls. But even then our phone calls were few and far between.

Amazing how much technology can advance in ten years.

Now I have Facebook, a blog, and an iPhone to help keep me connected with friends around the world. I can FaceTime with my family over wi-fi, my friends on Facebook can see all the fun (and maybe not-so-much-fun) I’m having in Europe, and I can chronicle this momentous time right here on WordPress. Moving halfway around the world doesn’t seem so terribly far anymore.

So, on the eve of our departure, on the precipice of jubilation and abject terror, as we enter the dark side of the moon, keep an eye out in Internet Land for news of our landing. As soon as we get settled, I plan to do a lot of writing.



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